JUQ-259 | "Please! Please let me do it raw!" It was so comfortable that I used up all the rubber... Hojo Asahi

JUQ-259 |
Label: Madonna
Director: Jyoji Kawai

The Hojo family whose nephew Kazuya, who came to Tokyo for the entrance exam, decided to stay for a while. Maki welcomes him with her smile, but Kazuya, who has a strong sexual desire, asks her to teach her how to put on a condom instead of studying. Maki, who was originally weak against pushing, could not refuse clearly, and she put it on his erection cock as she was told. Kazuya, who was excited about his first rubber, could not stand it. She desperately persuades Maki, but her mind and body, which are weak against her push, are overwhelmed by his aggressive caress and her young and strong cock.


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